2017 WAGF Congress – Singapore

Thousands of people from 84 nations descended upon Singapore in March to celebrate the 8th Triennial World Congress.  The 2017 WAGC was hosted by the Assemblies of God of Singapore, primarily at Trinity Christian Centre, which is pastored by the nation’s general superintendent, Dominic Yeo.

A mixture of plenary sessions, detailed workshops, and evening “power rallies” included a broad and diverse slate of speakers, spanning six continents.  To accommodate the overflowing crowds, the evening power rallies were split between Trinity Christian Centre and Grace Assembly of God, with more than 16,000 in attendance.

Breakout sessions covered topics such as intercultural ministry, social media, and leadership. The conference weaved together young and elder generations, demonstrating the WAGC theme of legacy. In the closing session, those under the age of 35 came to the front of the auditorium at Trinity Christian Centre. Those older than 35 prayed for God to pass on a legacy of Spirit-empowered ministry.  The amazing move of the Holy Spirit in Singapore was only a beginning of what God wants to do!


2014 WAGF Congress – Springfield, MO USA


Thousands of people from 120 nations descended on Springfield, Missouri, USA, in August 2014 to celebrate the 7th Triennial World Congress and USA 100th anniversary of the Assemblies of God. Throughout the event, multiple speakers, both foreign and domestic, congratulated the AG for mushrooming to more than 67.5 million members and 366,105 churches in a century. The vast majority of the growth has occurred during the past 50 years. By 1964, the AG worldwide had just over 2.2 million adherents attending 25,467 churches.

Various leaders expressed gratitude to God for allowing the AG to thrive in their cities or nations. The roster of speakers came from every corner of the globe.

You may view or download the World Congress/USA Centennial sessions at www.100.ag.org. (They are best viewed through Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 11.) Click on Watch Now. Click on Watch Archives.


Haiti kids are thankful for WAGRA relief aid

Close up Haiti kids with food

August 1, 2010


July 11, 2011 -Haiti Relief

Assemblies of God in Haiti expresses their gratitude to WAGRA for sending aid in their time of need.

Haiti relief line Haiti relief bags


February 21, 2011 -AG World Congress

You can visit AGTV to view all of the archive sessions from the 2011 World AG Congress.


February 21, 2011 -AG World Congress2011WAGF_OC_image2

The 6th Triennial World Congress, February 6 through 9, was held in Chennai, India. The 40,000 member New Life Assembly led by Pastor David Mohan outdid itself in hosting the tremendous international delegation that came. It was the largest international representation ever for a World AG Congress.

On the closing morning WAGF Chairman, Dr. George O. Wood, told the delegates that in the days they had been together
“heaven had kissed the earth.” This Congress was marked by a profound sense of the Spirit’s presence. The worship, preaching, and teaching brought tremendous inspiration and blessing. “I don’t think I’ve ever been in an international conference that had a greater impact on those who attended than this,” stated Chairman Wood.

wagf-updateOne of the speakers at the Congress mentioned that every believer should have a Ph.D. – P for power, H for healing, and D for deliverance! Wherever the church is growing significantly, it is marked by a proclamation that comes with power, and is attended by the signs and wonders of healing and deliverance.

The next World AG Congress will be held  August 7 through 10, 2014, in Springfield, Missouri, USA in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the USA Assemblies of God.


September 28, 2010 – Malawi EarthquakeMalawi church restored

Superintendent Lazarus Chakwera and Malawi Assemblies of God thank WAGRA for the relief funds which have enabled them to make repairs from the earthquake damage.  Dr. Chakwera conveys his gratitude. “Thanks again for WAGRA’s  timely intervention to do what we could have never accomplished without your help.”


August 4, 2010 – Medical Funds helping Pakistanwagra1

Shaista Mushtaq, country director for Human Relief Organization (HRO), Pakistan, thanks WAGRA for relief funds sent for the Hunza landslide disaster. With the help of WAGRA, HRO responded to this emergency by starting free clinics which provided basic healthcare services for protection and treatment of diseases to the displaced families residing in relief camps. Thank you WAGRA donors for making a difference in the lives of people in need.


July 26, 2010 – Gunman slays Pentecostal Pastor in Russia

Unmasked assailant shoots Bishop Artur Suleimanov, pastor of Hosanna House of Prayer (Makhachkala, Dagestan) in the head shortly after Suleimanov presents new plan to reach area with evangelism and new church plants. Leaves behind wife, Zinaida, and five children.

Suleimanov’s church is part of the Pentecostal Union, a member of the World Assemblies of God

Randy Hurst, AG World Missions, states “Bishop Suleimanov’s murder is a tragic and painful loss for a church that faces incredible challenges. But, we know these believers will be strengthened in their faith and passionate resolve to serve the Lord.”


July 13, 2010 – Decade of Pentecost for AG AfricaDecade_of_Pentecost_Report_image

All across Africa on May 23, Pentecost Day, thousands of Assemblies of God churches conducted special Decade of Pentecost Launch Day Services. Pastors preached messages on the need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to effectively participate in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ and then they prayed with their people to be baptized in the Spirit. Click here for full Decade of Pentecost Report.


June 29, 2010 – 2011 World Assemblies of God Congress

The World Assemblies of God Congress Web site is up and packed with helpful information about this worldwide2011_Congress_image gathering of Assemblies of God believers February 6-9, 2011, in Chennai, India!

Just go to the Congress tab at the top of this page and click! You will be immediately linked to the India based site giving you registration information, instruction on obtaining a visa, a variety of hotels to select from, including tour packages if you’d like to tour India before or after the World Congress meeting. The Congress schedule is packed with prominent world-class speakers from every continent who will be sharing the Forward vision of the Assemblies of God for 2011-2020.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a bit of heaven on earth as the body of Christ joins together in praise, worship and prayer for the evangelism and discipleship of our world.


June 4, 2010 – Mircho Andreev, President of the Evangelical Church in Macedonia

For third time this past May, we DSC02208organized the Days of Hope Outreach in Negotino (a town in central part of Macedonia, surrounded by many villages where few years ago we founded a new church).

This year, the outreach was attended by huge number of people and this year was most blessed. We believe that is result of many prayers.

DSC02210Several teams from different local Evangelical churches from several cities from Macedonia visited 215 homes of people in the surrounding of Negotino. They distributed food, Bibles and they talked to the people and prayed with them.

Around 1,500 people came and took part in some of the social activities that we organized around the tent, which was set up for the outreach. We had several activities, such as: games for children, hair cutting, medical check-ups, sandwiches, juices, prayer for people’s needs, etc. The event finished with a gathering under the tent where we shared an evangelistic message and testimonies. It was a wonderful time of praise and worship!

We had a joint service with people coming from all Evangelical Churches in Macedonia. Pastor Sashe Gjorgjievski shared a powerful message which I believe touched all the people there. Besides the service, we had water baptism. Twenty two new people were baptized. We finished the event with Lord’s Supper. DSC02273

During this Days of Hope, we had an opportunity to bless a youth group from a neighbor village Pepelishte, where we, together with a group of young people from US and some locals, reconstructed the Youth House which is aimed for the young people there. Of course, we as a church will also have a chance to organize concerts or use the facility for some other activities.

Please continue to pray for the following needs that we have after the outreach:

  • pray for follow-up with the people who are interested to know more about God;
  • pray for wisdom, how to meet with these people again;
  • pray for the right-time for the following meeting with these women;
  • pray for  Pastor Goran and his wife Daniela, the local leaders of the Evangelical Church in Negotino.


April 30, 2010

The theologian Walter Brueggemann said that to be in history is to be in a place somewhere and answer for it. As we live at this unique point in history in which it is possible to deal with extreme poverty, we need to answer well.

The Millennium Development Goals, which the United Nations initiated, are an historic response from our world micah_challengegovernments. They also require an equally significant response from the worldwide church as we hold governments to account on delivering on these promises. “Micah 2010” is a special campaign to focus on our promise to the poor, ten years after nations around the world committed to halve global poverty by 2015.

It is God’s challenge to us to be his agents of hope in this hurting world. 10.10.10 is a day that will further enable us to ‘answer well’.

Micah 2010 involves us all – people from every nation, tribe and generation.

  • The Global Prayer: the joint prayer for justice in the nations is a vital part of our advocacy and demonstrates our dependence on God as we seek his wisdom and rely on his strength and guidance. The prayer for Micah 2010 echoes the themes of Nehemiah who prayed before he embarked on the mighty task of restoring Jerusalem.
  • The Big Promise: this promise resonates with Paul’s heart, “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.” (Gal. 2:10). 10.10.10 is a day to recommit ourselves to the pursuit of justice, to be mindful of the poor in the way we live and encourage action from our leaders.
  • The Big Hand-over: the collection of handprints from children, youth and adults will remind our leaders that we have only five years remaining to meet our promise. Hands mean worship, hands pledge support and are used to demonstrate God’s love. The colourful display of handprints that will be handed over to politicians is also a symbol of our faith and action coming together.

For more information how you can be involved, go to www.Micah2010.org.


April 21, 2010 – Rev. Prince Guneratnam, Vice Chairman of WAGF and Pastor of Calvary Church in Malaysia

An Easter Celebration with a Difference!2010 Easter-Sunrise-Service Congregation Worshipping Jesus Christ

“Fresh. Vibrant! Contemporary. Simply awesome!” were some of the descriptions of the captivated crowd who watched the performance of the Easter Musical “A Happy Day”. Packed to the overflow on the Good Friday, 2 April 2010, at Calvary Church Kuala Lumpur, church members and their guests were treated to a heart-moving presentation on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Accompanied with a creative play of lights and the utilization of multi-media, the hundred strong production cast enthusiastically sung, danced and portrayed the hope and healing God offers to a needy world.

A Happy Day Musical Concert on Good FridayThen on Sunday, 4 April 2010, at 6.30am at the National Hockey Stadium Bukit Jalil, church members lifted their voices in praise and worship at the dawn of Easter morning. Songs and dance rendering from “A Happy Day” musical was re-enacted, to proclaim once again the victory the Risen Christ has over sin and death. The celebration was well concluded with an inspiring message brought by the Senior Pastor of the church, Rev Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam on the consequence of the Resurrection.


April 15, 2010 – Rev. Tavita Pagaialii, General Superintendent AOG in Samoa

Tsunami in Samoa resulted in Church Planting

samao_imageSeptember 29, 2009 in Samoa is like 9/11 in the United States.  A day when people were shocked with an 8.3 earthquake followed by a tsunami that took about 200 lives and destroyed lots of homes.  The Assemblies of God in Samoa and overseas were quick to respond with the love of God as they went into the affected villages distributing clothes, food, water, and shelters.  That love was not returned in void, the village of Saleapaga which had to evacuate to higher lands was visited by the AOG continuously after the tsunami.  Aids from WAGRA, Convoy of Hope, Australian AOG, Samoan AOG in Australia, USA AOG, Samoan AOG in USA, Fiji AOG, Marshall Island AOG, and many others, were distributed to the people of Saleapaga.   During weekends, bible school students would visit every home and tell them about the love of God, and also prayed with them.  People began to love the people of the AOG with their continued effort of material and mostly spiritual support.  After many months of this effort, it was so exciting when the village council requested the AOG to be established in their village.  On Easter Friday, 2 April 2010, Samoa AOG and Saleapaga village council (high chiefs & chiefs) celebrated Easter with the official opening of the AOG church in the village of Saleapaga.  To us here in Samoa, it is the highlight of the tsunami relief effort, and I believe it is the fruit of all the assistance and prayer of all AOG people worldwide who came to our aid when this natural disaster hits our islands.  Please rejoice with us, and let us give God all the glory.   The people of Saleapaga may have lost their homes with this natural disaster, but God has turned it around and provide them with a spiritual home, an AOG church is now established in the centre of that higher land, where Saleapaga village was relocated.  PRAISE GOD.


April 14, 2010 – Dr. David Wells (Pentecostal Assemblies of God of Canada)

Reflections from Vancouver-Whistler

Canada PAOCAs I write this, I am sitting in the Vancouver Athletes Village “Living Room.” It is a fantastic spot, created from an old warehouse to be a relaxing place for the athletes to hang out, play Wii and watch the big-screen TV. Right now the opening ceremonies of the Paralympic Games are on. It is a great place to ponder lessons about life and mission the Lord has taught me over the last seven years. That’s how long I spent preparing for my role as co-ordinator of Christian chaplaincy and the multifaith centres at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Nearby are several friends I did not know when I started this journey. Frankly, the depth of my passion and care for these men and women shocks me. You see, as a Christian minister I have always tried to ensure that I do not get trapped in a “Christian ghetto” and lose connection with those who do not have a conscious personal relationship with Jesus. But to enjoy genuine friendship with these folks over this extended period of time has busted me up inside. I enjoy their company. I care for them deeply. I want them to fulfil their purpose in life, and I want them to know Jesus tangibly.  Click Here for Full Article


March 30, 2010

Speakers are currently being selected for the upcoming 2011 AG Congress meetings, February 6 to 9, in Chennai, India.

Some of the speakers include:

  • Dr. George Wood, WAGF Chairman
  • Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, President of Malawi Assemblies of God
  • Rev. Joel Costa, Brazil
  • Dr. Prince Guneratnam, Malaysia, Founder & President of Calvary International Ministries
  • Dr. Beth Grant, Co-founder and Director of Project Rescue
  • Dr. Peter Kuzmic, Founding President of Evangelical Theological Seminary in Croatia
  • Rev. Nam Soo Kim, USA, Pastor of Full Gospel New York Church
  • Rev. Bradley Walz, USA missionary to Argentina and WAGF Missions Commission Chairman


March 10, 2010 – Chairman Dr. George O. Wood

At the first of this month I was in Amsterdam to chair the meeting of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship Executive Council.  Plans were finalized for the great gathering February 6 to 9, 2011 in Chennai, India – the triennial meeting of the World Assemblies of God Congress.

I am encouraging you to attend this significant event and bring with you your leadership team.  I’m also encouragingAmsterdam Group Shot_small you to invite pastors, and invite pastors of larger churches to sponsor and bring with them a younger pastor.

The theme of the World AG Congress in Chennai is FORWARD! VISION AG2020.  In planning the program, which will include speakers and presenters from all over the world, we have given very intentional focus to what the rest of the world may learn from the great growth taking place in India.  And, if you had no other reason to attend than to be present for a Sunday at New Life Church pastored by David Mohan, that would be a sufficient reason.  This church has grown from 13 to over 40,000 – and they process that congregation through 13 services each Sunday.


February 15, 2010 – Chairman Dr. George O. Wood

I have just returned from India where I had the joy of preaching at the all-India triennial General Council held in Chennai at New Life Assembly. Under Pastor/Superintendent Mohan’s leadership the church has grown from 7 in 1973 to over 40,000 attending on any given Sunday. The four (or five) story building sits on only an acre of property, but with 13 services on Sunday they fill the place time and again. Throughout India the Assemblies of God is also growing rapidly. Today, there are over 7500 congregations and they are aiming for 25,000 by the year 2020.
Our World AG Fellowship will convene for its triennial Congress in Chennai February 6 through 9, 2011. As chairman of that Fellowship along with the Executive Council of WAGF, I am encouraging leadership from all our national churches to come – and to bring with them younger ministers.

I have just recently returned from India where I had the joy of preaching at the all-India triennial General Council held in Chennai at New Life Assembly. Under Pastor/Superintendent Mohan’s leadership the church has grown from 7 in 1973 to over 40,000 attending on any given Sunday. The four (or five) story building sits on only an acre of property, but with 13 services on Sunday they fill the place time and again. Throughout India the Assemblies of God is also growing rapidly. Today, there are over 7500 congregations and they are aiming for 25,000 by the year 2020.

Our World AG Fellowship will convene for its triennial Congress in Chennai February 6 through 9, 2011. As chairman of that Fellowship along with the Executive Council of WAGF, I am encouraging leadership from all our national fellowships to come – and to bring with them younger ministers.

wagf_blog2 wagf_blog1


January 28, 2010

The next meeting of the WAGF Executive Council will be March 2-3, 2010, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This will be an important meeting not only for fellowship, updates, and regular business but also in preparation for the 2011 World Congress.

The WAGRA Board meeting begins at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, March 2.

The WAGF Executive Council meeting begins at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 2.

• The meeting will conclude on Wednesday, March 3.


January 18, 2010

In our August WAGF Executive Council meeting, it was determined that a challenge would go out to all the Assemblies of God national churches to set targeted goals for 2020. You will recall that the worldwide success of Decade of Harvest resulted in a huge gathering into the kingdom with multiplied thousands of new churches. The leaders from around the world who make up the Executive Council felt we needed a similar challenge as we head for 2020. They adopted a theme – Vision AG 2020.

Each national church is asked to set goals for a special forward thrust in their number of churches and adherents by the year 2020. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if the Lord tarries, to have 500,000 churches and 100 million believers by 2020!