The World Assemblies of God Fellowship coordinates a World Congress every three years where nationally or regionally delegated leaders within the World Assemblies of God Fellowship will discuss matters primarily affecting the objectives of the Fellowship. This iscongress_image an international gathering and is open to all Fellowship members and interested individuals.

This joint event has been described as a time for the entire Assemblies of God family to gather together to thank God for His great grace in the past and present; and ask for His blessing in the future.

Leaders of the worldwide fellowship feel there is no greater time to celebrate what the Lord has done through the Assemblies of God, to renew the commitment of completing the Great Commission, and to make intercession for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The prayer is that the Lord of the Harvest will make this sacred gathering an epicenter for the outpouring of His Spirit upon the His Church worldwide.

Such a prayer for the Holy Spirit’s outpouring reflects the earliest heritage of the Assemblies of God. The 20th century began with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit resulting in the worldwide Pentecostal Movement; and an integral part of the Pentecostal Movement is the Assemblies of God, formed in 1914 with 300 delegates.