The Assemblies of God of El Salvador was started in 1930 as a joint effort of the World Missions Department of the Assemblies of God and Salvadorean Francisco Ramírez Arbizu.  God used Ramirez Arbizu to travel to San Antonio, Texas in 1928, where he had the opportunity to give information regarding the new evangelical effort in El Salvador.  As a result of his report, the United States sent missionary Rafael D. Williams, who along with Brother Abizu started the Assemblies of God in El Salvador.  This mission was organized with about 100 members and 10 pastors.  Currently they number 1,700 organized churches, 2,200 pastors affiliated with the Assemblies of God, 70 missionaries around the world, 55 Christian schools with a population close to 30,000 students, and one Assemblies of God Christian University.

The Catholic University recently took a religious survey, which showed 38% of Salvadoreans are evangelical Christians and 21% belong to the Assemblies of God.


Executive Leadership

Rvdo. Bolanos has served the Lord in full-time ministry since July 19, 1963.  He was elected General Superintendent in January, 1996.

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Rvdo. Jeremias Bolaños Anaya
Conferencia Evangelica de las Asambleas de Dios
Apartado Postal #809
San Salvador
Central America

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