The “Christ Evangelical Church” (Hristova Jevandjeoska Crkva) is a Pentecostal church in Serbia.

Our goals are:

  • To reach the next generation with the gospel.
  • To be bridge builders in a broken society.
  • To raise up new leaders and to plant new churches.

The ethnic backgrounds of our churches are Serbian, Hungarian, Slovakian, and Gypsy.
We have an open working policy toward other Pentecostal and evangelical churches in the country.  Our ministries cooperate with each other.  We focus on reaching children and young people for Christ.  We organize camps, clubs, and youth conferences for them.  In 2011 we started a Pentecostal Bible school.

The executive body of the Christ Evangelical Church is a presbytery which consists of a president, a secretary, and elders.

Executive Leadership

Serbia - Viktor SaboRev. Viktor Sabo
Hristova Jevandjeoska Crkva
Christ Evangelical Church
Ivana Zajca 17
24000 Subotica

Email:  vitorixe@eunet.rs