Spain has 225 churches in addition to some 80 mission points (new churches being planted from a mother church), with over 20,000 adherents and approximately 400 credentialed ministers.  The national church has grown recently due to immigration during the last six years.  The Bible school has its own facility near Córdoba, with 35 students, and close to 40 students registered for the next school year.  There are over 30 extension Bible schools with 800 students from all over Spain.  The Bible school continues to grow in curriculum and in enrollment.

Spain currently has 8 missionaries serving in Peru, Bolivia, Romania and other countries.  The national church has four pillars on which they focus their efforts among the local churches:  evangelism, church planting, missions, and ministerial formation.

The Assemblies of God in Spain looks forward to continued growth and opportunities to spread the gospel.


Executive Leadership

Juan Carlos Escobar has served as an evangelist for several years in various countries, and has pastored for more than 22 years. Currently he is pastoring a growing church in Madrid called Celebracion Cristiana.  He was elected superintendent in February, 2004.

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