Switzerland has four big rivers, four big reformers and four languages. “Schweizersiche Pfingstmission” SPM (AG Switzerland) was founded in 1936. They have 67 churches with 10,000 church members.  A new emphasis is on church planting.  The spiritual climate in Switzerland is changing rapidly into a post Christian culture.

The SPM churches today are led by a threefold spiritual vision:  the vision to see spirit filled pastor; spirit led church life; and spirit empowered evangelism and mission.  SPM desires a national revival.

As a mission movement SPM is involved in seven main mission fields on three continents.  On top of this the churches have missions activities in over 50 countries.


Executive Leadership

Marco Hofmann
Schweizerische Pfingstmission
Hofwiesenstr. 141
8057 Zürich

Tel:  +41 31 922 4111
Fax: +41 31 922 4110