Testimonies from the World Missions Congress in Manila, May 2011:

It was a joy to participate in the World Missions Conference held in Manila. My heart was encouraged as I mingled with the leaders from twenty-five different nations. Their faith and enthusiasm inspired me. In a world full of turmoil the forward-looking attitudes of these Pentecostal men and women filled my own heart with great hope for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. They have unwavering confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit to do the impossible. I came away from the Conference renewed in my spirit.

Anonymous – Sensitive Nation

Because we love the church so much, we must turn our attention to where she does not exist. The burning heart of Jesus is for those places and peoples who have no access to Him. It is the challenge and privilege of the Assemblies of God – world wide – to proclaim Jesus where He has not been named. It is for this that we were born.

The World Assemblies of God Fellowship missions conference held in May 2011 in the Philippines reaffirmed and refocused us in this endeavor. God is raising up Latinos, Asians, Africans, Arabs, and Europeans to join together in taking the gospel to the bastions of the least reached peoples. The preferred future God’s missionary

Spirit is calling the Assemblies of God to is church planting in multi-national teams among the most hostile and neglected peoples of Earth. This is our “glory of the impossible.”

Anonymous – Sensitive Nation

I think the World Missions Congress in Manila was excellent. There was a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit in every session. The notes that were distributed during the Congress were ample evidence that all of the speakers were well prepared. The Congress participants were hungry for God and enthusiastic towards His missions. And God was able to pour out His blessings unhindered, and we had an excellent Congress.

I think the World Missions Congress in Manila also inspires the General Councils in Asia about what can be done to mobilize, energize, and empower their constituents to be involved in world missions. The World Missions Congress in Manila is what we need for a long time, and we are glad that finally it took place. Thanks to WAGF Missions Commission for their efforts in making this congress a reality. It’s a timely blessing. We highly appreciate your leadership that made this Congress happen.

Anonymous – Sensitive Nation

From my perspective, the two sessions focused on the potential synergy of the new sending nations together with the traditional sending nations to make a significant impact in North Africa and the Middle East were the highlight of the conference. We were directed to a region of the world that is in turmoil, that is the center of the least reached peoples, and where there may be in the next five to ten years a significant opportunity for Christian outreach. To be able to join with others to pray for this region and dream about what God can do was very motivating. We must commit to work together as one body if we are going to break down the wall of the least reached peoples. This will come by prayer and the work that is being done to inspire and coordinate the AG churches around the world to develop intercession programs which is very foundational. It was a great conference, very motivating and inspiring.

Murray Cornelius – Missions Director – PAOC, Canada

From the onset of the World Congress in Manila there was an atmosphere of expectation. All were anticipating God was going to move in His Church in a special way to touch the world from Manila. Smiles, handshakes and hugs greeted and embraced all who attended from 25 nations. The services motivated, inspired, broke hearts and challenged. The workshops informed, enlightened and discipled those who gathered. By the conclusion we all were ready to give our heart, mind and body to further the Kingdom of God to the unreached peoples who have never heard.

Mark Hausfeld – Global Initiative

The WMC was significant on a number of levels. First, in terms of Thailand we were very excited that the Thai AG council sent two younger ministers, both of whom happened to be women as well. They are asking for a written report from them and then later on the three of us will meet the committee to make a verbal report.

On Wednesday night after the message on giving, Pastor Wan was weeping and praying even after the final prayer time and dismissal. She said that the Holy Spirit had convicted her and that she was repenting for herself and the Thai church that they have thought they cannot give but have to use all the money for their own ministries because they never have enough.

Pastor Yok has grown up and worked in the South and she said the congress brought her conviction that they have ignored the least reached peoples who they live near in the South.

The testimony of these two leaders back to the council is going to have an impact because it is not coming from the outside but from Thai people.

For myself, it was a joy to see people having their eyes opened to the possibilities. During one of the networking sessions, my group was on adopting UPGs and a pastor from Irian Jaya and a lay member came because they want to start reaching out to the unreached that are living right on their island. This congress helped them so much in making connections and seeing ways that this can be accomplished.

Alan Johnson – Missionary to Thailand – WAGF MC member

The Manila Missions Congress was a strategic event for the Philippines and for many nations that attended. When people gather together and hear the stories of God reaching into new people groups, the inspiration and challenge is long lasting.

One strategic nation sent a very strong delegation of people to the Congress. There is a growing consensus among emerging leaders of that nation of the necessity of reaching those who have not heard in this very important nation in the world.

I believe that the Congress also was important to the renewing of mission vision. At a recent General Superintendent’s forum in Asia Pacific, one of the principal topics on the agenda was the restructuring and bringing to life of a growing fellowship of mission programs between the General Councils. This was enhanced since many Superintendent’s attended the Manila Congress.

We’re very thankful for the work of the World Assemblies of God Missions Commission and for the Manila congress.

Bill Snider – Area Director-AGWM – Southeast Asia – Manila, Philippines