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 Cyclone Idai Continued Efforts:

Since before Idai became a tropical cyclone, the Convoy of Hope International Disaster Services team has been in contact with AGWM personnel and the national church in Mozambique and Malawi. To date, our partnership has been able to serve:

  • Over 400,000 meals
  • Over 330 water filtration units
  • Over 5,000 families in over 70 communities
  • Provide seed to plant for 2,200 families

This partnership is ongoing. More meals and water filters are being distributed to those affected by Idai. Future planning is taking place with interventions such as seed distribution, to help ensure long-term sustainability for families.

Cyclone Kenneth:

Mozambique is now getting hit by its second major cyclone in four weeks. Cyclone Kenneth made landfall north of the city of Pemba in the province of Cabo Delgado. After reaching Category 5 status, Kenneth hit as a Category 4 storm – making it possibly the most powerful tropical event to hit Mozambique. Wind and storm surge are major threats, but the biggest is flooding as the storm is forecasted to barely move for 48-72 hours once inland, continuing to soak the nation with rain. The rain and flooding could have a major impact on Tanzania as well.

Access Constraints:

Throughout the response to Cyclone Idai, access constraints were a significant issue. Poor transportation infrastructure and flood waters made accessing the neediest communities a huge challenge. This same scenario is anticipated for the response to Cyclone Kenneth.

IDS Potential Interventions:

Convoy of Hope takes a ‘needs-based’ approach to disaster response. This allows for the specific needs of the disaster at hand to dictate the response rather than the inverse. Our experience in such matters allows us to project likely scenarios that we have encountered in similar situations. Interventions listed below, including the projected costs, are the planned methods of meeting felt needs. Additional funds would allow for more relief to be provided.

  • Food relief: $45,000
  • Water filtration: $10,000
  • Seed: $10,000
  • Shelter: $5,000
  • Solar lights: $5,000
  • Hygiene kits: $5,000

In all disaster responses, COH IDS works through the local church demonstrating the compassion and love of Christ through His people.

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