Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Triennial World Congress?

The World Assemblies of God Fellowship coordinates a World Congress every three years where nationally or regionally delegated leaders within the Fellowship assemble to discuss matters primarily affecting the objectives of the Fellowship.  The 2011 Congress was the kickoff to a renewed commitment to help the World Assemblies of God Fellowship focus on how we can improve our efforts to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by 2020.

Who is welcome to attend a World AG Congress?

You are!  This gathering is about the entire Assemblies of God family meeting together at one time in one place.  It won’t be complete unless you are there.  In addition, lay people, pastors, evangelists, missionaries and international delegates from around the world are making plans to attend.

Why should I attend the World AG Congress?

  • Join with thousands of AG believers for a once-in-a-lifetime gathering.
  • Celebrate what God has done through the Assemblies of God.
  • Renew the commitment to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Intercede for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the new millennium.
  • Fellowship with your international brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Hear real, life-changing testimonies from around the world.
  • Learn how to effectively evangelize your world.
  • Open yourself to new ideas, new solutions, and new inspiration.
  • Discover what God requires of you in the next century.
  • Stimulate a new purpose and vision in your church.
  • Embark on a shared journey to spread the message of Christ in the new millennium.
  • Experience a fresh Pentecost for the 21st century.

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