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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Global Concert of Prayer (GCOP)?
    Global Concert of Prayer: Unlimited is an event organized by the World Assemblies of God Fellowship. It is a call to prayer to every Assemblies of God Church in the world from March 18-20, 2021.

  2. Is GCOP a part of the World Assemblies of God Congress: Unlimited (WAGC) event?
    While both share the same dates (Mar 18-20) and theme, they are different events. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency implemented in Madrid, WAGC 2021: Unlimited has been cancelled. For further enquiries about WAGC 2021: Unlimited, please email or visit

  3. Who can take part in GCOP?
    Anyone! We believe it is crucial for believers from all walks of life, any leadership level, and all nations to unite together in prayer, especially during this turbulent time.

  4. What is the registration fee for GCOP?
    The event will be streamed free, and available to view live from around the world.

  5. Where will GCOP be streamed?
    GCOP will be streamed on

  6. How many nations are you expecting for GCOP?
    We are hoping for as many nations to be part of this event as possible. We believe it is important for believers around the world to rally in prayer together!

  7. What language will the Global Concert of Prayer be in?
    To better engage international viewers, the official language of the event will be English. Where other languages are spoken in some segments, live sideby- side interpretation or English subtitling will be available.

  8. How can my church/organization be a part of it?

    • If you would like your church to participate in GCOP, here are some ways:
    • If you can gather in church en masse, screen the time of prayer from onto your service hall screen.
    • If you can gather in small groups, encourage believers to screen the event on their TVs and host a group of believers to pray together.
    • If you are unable to gather in groups, encourage believers to tune in and pray at home with their families.


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