Building Missions in the Local Church

Reaching the world with the Gospel is not impossible. But it does require commitment to the task. Leading a congregation in assuming their responsibility to support missions is not really that difficult. It does, however, require consistency.

Through the years I have observed that in every church that excels in missions there are five elements that seem to be common to all. These five elements are not unique to large churches and they are not out of reach for small churches. In other words, with these five steps, any size church can build a successful mission’s outreach, thereby obeying the Great Commission!

I have prepared the Blueprint Series, consisting of five manuals which address the five essential elements for building missions. These volumes are prepared to assist the pastor and mission’s team with step by step information in each of these critical areas.

We have conducted missions’ workshops across the nation and in many other nations. We created The Checklist, a digest of the five manuals to distribute in the Missions Awareness Team workshops as a text for those in attendance. The chapter headings for this current digest are the titles of the five manuals.

It is my prayer that these resources will be a blessing as you build missions in your local congregation. If you have questions concerning these and other resources, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Paul Brannan

The Checklist
Accordian 1
Accordian 2
Accordian 3
Accordian 4

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